Growing Chili peppers under LED light *update*

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It’s been a while, unfortunately, I cannot say I got fruit (yet). I have mostly been struggling with keeping the temperature up. Since my room is not good isolated at all it tends to get fairly cold here during the nights. The growth in the plants decreased and I’m not sure what the exact reason is. My conclusions so far are that giving your plants a head start for the season is very good possible with these LED’s. But I’m not sure if flowering and fruiting will work out. (with the setup I’m using at the moment)

For now I just leave the plants under the light, and have a look how they end up. I also came across some 130.000mcd blue LED’s which are incredibly bright. I made a kind of private solarium for a seedling using 4 of these 130.000mcd LED’s.

Private LED solarium

Private LED solarium 130.000mcd

I place this old coffee can over the seedling giving it a huge amount of light. And it seems to work out pretty good. The plan with these new plants is giving a head start for comming season. I have one peter penis pepper and one ajoema growing:

Peper penis pepper under LED

 Ajoema under LED light

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