First meal worms starting to get a decent size

Blogged by Twan as Daily life,Meal worm farm — Twan Sun 9 Jun 2013 9:42 am

It all took a bit longer than expected but I’m finally starting to see some decent sized meal worms. I made the first container on the 16th of February. That was the result of about 6 beetles. I can see now that with 6 beetles you don’t get a lot of eggs/worms. But I made new containers from the bedding of the beetle box every 3 weeks. That bedding contains all the eggs and when I look at the containers 5 and 6 you see a lot of tiny worms!

I also see that although I have these ‘staged’ containers, there is quite a bit of difference in size of the meal worms. Therefore I selected the biggest ones from the first 3 containers and put them all together in the first container. The middle ones in the second container and the ones that fell through the sieve are in the 3rd.

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