Meal worm experiment – finished?!?

Blogged by Twan as Cooking,Daily life,Meal worm farm — Twan Sun 25 Aug 2013 12:03 pm

I think my meal worm experiment has come to an end. The first batch of beetles all died (of age!) and I’m getting some new ones but I just realized that it is not so exciting anymore. Where I used to spend an hour a day looking at the beetles and worms wiggling around I now leave them in a box and have to remember to give them some fresh flour and a new carrot once in a while.

I have a couple 100 grams of frozen meal worms and ready to be used in a meal and even there I have to say. Eating them is also not so exciting anymore. I have baked some in the oven to use as a snack, and I have put them in my fried rice but I can’t say I’m excited to cook with them.

It was an interesting experiment but a replacement for some of the meat we eat, no, not at this point.

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