Week 40 2007 – Message

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This week again a word in Dutch that can be interpreted in different ways. The original word is ‘boodschap’. In dutch you say you are doing a ‘boodschap’ when taking a shit. Or it’s a message or purchase. This time I linked ‘taking a shit’ with a ‘message’. Since I don’t think you’re waiting to see a pic of a filled toilet I came up with this one. The message ‘Denk niet bij het laatste vel, “wie na mij komt, die redt het wel”‘ means something like, ‘ don’t think, the one after me will manage, when noticing you just got the last sheet of toilet paper’ . You often will find this message in Dutch toilets written on a tile, but we just wrote it on a piece of paper. (toilet message)


Week 39 2007 – My Street

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Huh, my street? I’m looking at some cards you probably think. This one needs a bit more explaining then, I guess. The original assignment was in Dutch. ‘mijn straat’ which is translated, ‘my street’. But in Dutch, the ‘straight’ in poker(and in some other card games) is called ‘een straat’. This is not a correct translation but somehow we use it which gave me the idea to make a pic of a straight.


Week 38 2007 – Change

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This week I somehow had to capture ‘change’. Not that easy but good challenge. I decided to capture the change of ice to water.


Week 37 2007 – Curious

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I found some time to make a pic again for the weekly assignment at got. Theme was ‘Curious’ and thought this would give a funny effect.


Week 5, From the past

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We had to make a picture that would express something ‘from the past’. I thought of the dutch guilders. (before the euro) and thought of buying a beer with guilders.. as you did in the early days 😉


Week 4, Mass

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This weeks theme was Mass. This word (in dutch Massa) can be interpreted in different ways. I went for the weights where i happen to train with once in a while.


Week 34, photo assignment, Fruit

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Theme of the week @ GOT was Fruit, as you know I always try to come up with a rather weird interpretation of the subject. I have to admit, I thought it was pretty difficult to give such an interpretation to fruit. I decided to go on the healthy tour and did some fruit shopping, came back with some bananas, grapes and apples. I didn’t want to make a picture of just boring fruit lying on a table so I started hacking into the banana and apples and speared some grapes on a skewer. And there he was, my new pet called Fikkie:


Week 32, photo assignment: Nightlife

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Last week, I finally had some time to participate in the weekly photo assignments again. ( yeah yeah busy life eh 😉 ) Theme of the week was, Nightlife. Interesting theme and another chance for me to be completely creative, make a photo against all expectations and interpretations of Nightlife and feed you with another creation. Yes, I know it’s dull, but since the weather was bad and didn’t feel like getting wet and cold, I decided to stay inside and re-use my old Streetlife Sportlife chewing gum package, and make a Nightlife of it.


GOT weekly assignments

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Here is the gallery for the weekly assignments at the computer forum, Gathering of Tweakers


Week 24, photo assignment: Minimalism

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Assignment for this week was minimalism. I got home on friday and decided to try to find a way to express this one. Difficult, minimalism is something like, achieving a goal with simplistic things. Or at least that is kinda the way I interpreted it. After brainstorming I came across the idea to make a picture of a cap of a whisky bottle filled with whisky.

When I was in Australia that was kind of the way of drinking the whisky ( the frenchies said, un petit bouchon ). I tried making an exciting picture of a cap filled with a fluid containing 40% alcohol but I have to say that it was rather difficult. I almost fell a sleep looking at the pictures I made. So I needed some action, and tried making a picture of me pouring the cap full of whisky which resulted in a practise session where the whisky went next to the cap. It formed a nice pool of whisky and I decided to put the cap in there and take a picture.


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