Growing Chili peppers under LED light (Introduction)

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When I was in Australia, I got a bit addicted to eating chili. At my internship we had these small cute chilies which were prrrretty hot. I liked them a lot and decided to take some seeds home. Now I’m already back quite a while from Australia and I actually didn’t grow that much chili over the years. Probably also because the weather in The Netherlands is normally not that optimal for growing chilies, especially not outside. Normally I start 1 plant somewhere around March, which is then, when I’m lucky big enough around summertime to give me some fruit.

So, a couple of months ago, I started reading about growing under LED light. After reading a lot about wavelengths , photosynthesis, mcd’s etc etc. I decided that I want to start an experiment to test if I can grow the plants, and get fruit, from solely having them under LED light.

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