Transferred 26 beetles

Blogged by Twan as Daily life — Twan Sat 2 Mar 2013 10:35 am

My beetle (Tenebrio molitor) population grew over the last two weeks to the count of 26. I think most of the pupae transferred to beetles in the last week so they are not really capable of laying eggs yet. Still, I transferred all beetles now to a new box where I keep them for 3 weeks and leave the initial (with the bedding) box as it is. In case beetles laid eggs in there, they should hatch in some 2-3 weeks (the eggs are not visible).

I still have about 50 pupae that will transfer to beetles in the next 2 weeks and since that is a pretty large population of beetles I decided to get rid of the mealworms I still had. I now have a bit of a bigger box for the beetles and will transfer the bedding every 3 weeks to smaller boxes for the eggs to hatch.

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