25-03-2007 – Day 3 – Santiago de Chile

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We decided to have breakfast at 10 because we were going to the museo de Ciencia y Technologia. The breakfast in the hotel consisted of some baked eggs, a bowl of fruit, 2 pieces of fresh baked bread, a bowl of way to sweet cornflakes in warm milk and some cheese with a piece of cake. We asked for a well deserved cup of coffee and unfortunately the waitress served us with an already cooled down nescafe. Nicely said this cup of ‘coffee’ was a terror to the mouth.

All packed with camera and backpack, the whole group walked in the direction of Quinta Normal. On our way we saw some typical Chilean streets.

All the locals were looking at us as if we were (maybe we are?) a group of aliens walking through the city. At the end of the street we saw the entrance of the park. I mounted my 70-300mm zoom lens to try to spy on some people and get some cool portraits.

Ilona and René T arranged a presentation with one of the museum guides. He explained us something about static electricity. It was funny to see a young Chilean guy trying to explain a group of technical uni students in very basic English how you can charge a pvc pipe with static energy.

After the presentation we walked around in the museum. The museum was designed for children but we had fun trying out some stuff anyway. We asked te guide for a nice place to eat and he recommended us a place what is ran by the church. We walked to the big church and found the restaurant. It was a very local place where a lot of people come to have a ( for us very ) cheap lunch. Of course we were the point of attention again. We ordered an empanada and a sandwich. Together this costed around 1500 pesos which is a bit more than 2 euro. We ate our lunch and made some pictures of our lunch place.

We then decided to go to the O’Higgens Parc. Niels read something about horse races that would be there. We went to the metro station at the entrance of the parc. A ticket costs 380 pesos so we bought one. Michiel had a map of the metro system and after about 5 minutes we were standing in the metro. Again closely observed by the locals we continued our way to the park.

When we arrived in the park we saw a lot of people bbqing and relaxing in the huge park. There was some water where you could rent a boat but we walked a bit further. Then some girls started talking to us. Bo, Bastiaan and the René’s used there Spanish to have a conversation. I didn’t understand one word of it but it was funny to see them giggle all the time and the guys trying to say something in Spanish which was actually working out pretty good.

On our way back to the metro we meet another group of our students. They still wanted to go in the park. We decided to go for a beer in one of the local bars. There was one with some music so we walked in. There were some people dancing salsa on the dance floor. A small band was playing some salsa music. We ordered some bottles of brahma (for 1500 pesos) and had a good time looking at the dancing people. Then another group of our students walked in the same bar and after a while 2 more groups. Just by coincidence. Together we had some more beers and the girls got invited to dance with some smooth chilean players. Then also they guys got invited to show off their salsa skills on the dance floor with the local (older) women.

We took the metro back to the city where we went for dindin. Daniel found a nice restaurant in the lonely planet. When we got there it was closed and wandered around without success. Aftera while we found a fast food restaurant where we had a warm grrrrrrringo welcome by a group of about 5, 45 year old women. We ordered some food which was eatable. When we walked out we got a nice goodbye from the women and we went to a disco which Daniel also found in the lonely planet. But also this place was not there anymore. We decided to go back to the hotel to play some poker.

At the top floor of the hotel there was a conference room where we all sat at a nice big table. On the table they placed a glass plate to protect the table but the top was bending down a bit which caused the glass plate to break. We were all a bit shocked and we explained it to the hotel. They gave us a bill of 130 euro and after that I went to bed.

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