27-03-2007 – Day 5 – Santiago de Chile

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After a short night we had brekky at 9.30. Again the air was very grey. We went for our shot of cafeine at the cafe con piernas. Next thing we wanted to do is to go to the pre columbian museum. We walked around in this museum for quite a while. It was amazing to see with what detail people in the early days made statues from wood, clay and copper. The museum was set up very well and everything was also translated in English.

We went to eat some empanadas in the Rapido. Then we wanted to go to a suburb where we could watch some cool houses ( according to the lonely planet) but it started to rain pretty bad so we went for a drink instead. It was an exclusive bar. When the bar got busy we went outside again and found out it still rained. It was also pretty cold so we already went for dindin. We dound a nice restaurant that we invaded with 10 people. I ordered a cow tail stew to do something crazy. Ilona and Suzanne ordered salmon which needed a preparation of 1 hour. This didn’t really matter because we were early anyway. So after a while i received my cow tail stew which was ok but just a bit fatty.

We then went back to the hotel to relax a bit and around 23.00 we got picked up by the bus to go to La Serena.

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