28-03-2007 – Day 6 – Santiago -> La Serena

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The bus picked us up to drive through the night to La Serena. I was really tired so took my sleeping bag in the bus and got completely in it which was nice and warm. Unfortunately I couldn’t really find a nice position to sleep but after a while I fell a sleep ( to wake up a lot during the night).

At 8 in the morning we arrived at our cabana’s in La Serena. We only had 2 cabana’s for our luggage. We stored our luggage in them and then got on the bus again to go for brekky in the city. With a nescafe and a ham-cheese sandwich our stomach was full again. We then walked to plaza de armas and from there to the Japanese garden. Here I saw my camera was still on 2 stops of underexposure so my photo’s are a bit dark here. But luckily saw it after a while so i could get this one:

After walking around in this nice and tranquilizing Japanese garden we walked to a big mall to do some shopping. It was an american look a like mall with a supermarket with 30 cash registers. Also from every article there was a huge stack displayed in all the racks. We bought some bread and meat for lunch. Then we started walking back to the cabanas. Half way the bus stopped to let us in and we drove back where would eat lunch and go for a swim in the pool, or to the beach. Since our cabana wasn’t cleaned yet we had to wait a bit more for the key.

When we got the key we went to the beach. It was really windy but the sun was shining. I remembered from the time I was in California that it was a tricky situation. The wind makes you feel cold and you don’t put sunscreen because you don’t feel the sun burning. But the sun is really shining so you burn baaaad. I warned some people but they didn’t seem to bother and I could only say ‘Told ya.. ‘ after they looked at their burned body parts.

We gathered for dindin at 8 at a restaurant on the beach. I ordered a nice burger and after that I went to bed for a very nice long sleep.

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