Twan and Chrissie on a holiday (part 1)

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The holiday took place in switzerland once more. Plan for the first week was:
1. To organize a nice bbq
2. to plan our big trip over the mountains.

The bbq turned out really nice with a luxurious meal (believe it or not, I still have hamburgers in the freezer;) ). For the rest we enjoyed being back together, undertook a biketrip to a big river (almost dried out) where we went for a “swim” and grilled some Servelats and bananas. And ah yes..planned the tour.
Actually we thought to invest about two weeks for hiking.. The last week was left to relax in the Tessin. We decided to shorten the trip a bit and calculated 10 days for our via alpina.
With biiig backpacks and good travel mood we left the town Adelboden in direction of the Kanton Wallis. After 1 hour of hiking it started to rain and some weird mountain mosquitos were sticking on us. Nevertheless we continued our trip and camped on a flat part of the Engstligenalp. Tired and exhausted we tried to find some sleep when suddenly a couple of weird cows got the idea to attack our tent. Probably a joke of some funny kids from the farmerhut. But in our supertent we were save;)
The next morning we woke up with a wonderful sunrise.

It was a full day of hiking. After we lost trail two times and wandered around 9 hours until we arrived tired but still alive in Leukerbad where we put our tent (this time on a public camping place).
Because we still felt every muscle in the next morning we decided to relax one day and caught the bus to Lenk. Too late we recognised that twan’s sunglasses were still hanging on the back of the seat in the bus..(i can’t blame him for it because one day later the same happened to me:p). We decided to go on and took the train to gampel where we camped another night.
Next day we still suffered from the too heavy backpacks and had to admit it was impossible to climb the rest of the mountains to the Tessin.
And faster as we could think of it we were sitting in the train to the sunny Tessin.
To be continued…

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