Vaccination for DTP, Hepatitis A+B

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Together with 8 other students, I have been organising a studytrip to Chile. In 2 weeks a group of 26 students and 2 university teachers will go to Chile to travel around for 3 weeks, visit universities and companies. Yesterday we organized the ‘inentingsborrel’. Every thursday afternoon the study organisation Intermate organizes a ‘borrel’ this is an informal gathering where students and teachers can come for a drink and have some snacks. The ‘inentingsborrel’ is a borrel where a travel doctor comes to uni to give all the people going on the trip, the needed vaccinations. For me, that was a nice cocktail against diphteria, tetanus and polio (DTP), Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. No big deal, normally, for people that don’t mind getting injections. For me, it means, a day of stress and knowing that I will faint after the injections. I dunno, something mental. But it’s over, sitting here with a stiff arm and still shiver down my spine when thinking of it.

Showcase USA 2002

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Collection of the best pictures taken on our 3 week trip in USA (mostly by Theo)

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