2017-01-02 Leaf of my hydroponic coffee plant

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2017-01-02 – Leaf of my hydroponic coffee plant


2017 Happy New Year – 365 macro shots challenge

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My challenge for 2017 is that I’m going to make a macro shot every day and post it here.

2017-01-01 – Peeled clementine skin


Macro virus

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Small things have been fascinating me for a long time. I love getting close and try to bring out the details that we normally don’t see or do not really pay attention to. Both under water and on land I have the need to shove a lens right up the nose of little creatures.

It’s quite a challenge to have enough light and to focus on these small things but sometimes, it works and when I look back at the picture on the computer I just think WOW!

I recently bought some Kenko extension tubes and have been wrestling with them together with my Canon 100mm.

Today I found this little jumping spider (Salticidae). It was a lot of fun trying to get him to smile at the camera ( and not jump on it ).


Playing with the camera

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I have been playing a bit with the magic lantern firmware for my camera (canon 60d). I tested the focus stacking on an orchid flower and used the trap focus feature to try to get a macro shot (100mm + Inon ucl 165) of a fly.

Pretty cool stuff! Definitely going to play some more with this.

2015-08-08-20.51.35 ZS PMax-Border


Dive pictures Lembeh, Indonesia

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I had a chance to go for another photography dive trip. Again Indonesia however, this time it was Lembeh. Lembeh is known for its muck diving. I added another strobe to my setup and also bought another macro wet lens. I tried to use them as much as possible ( stacked ).

You can find all the pictures in my gallery.

Dive pics Dive pics Dive pics

Bali dive pictures

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For my dive trip to Bali I thought it would be cool to give underwater photography a go and decided to buy some equipment. The results you can find in the gallery.

Dive pics Dive pics Dive pics

I really enjoyed making pictures underwater, and although it was a bit of a challenge working out the best settings, it was truly relaxing. I’m looking forward to the next trip!

Photos from Cuba [more to come]

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I’m still processing all the pictures I took in Cuba and it will probably still take a while so thought I give you already one to get into the Cuba mood.


Playing with water drops

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Yesterday I felt like doing a bit of a macro-ish weekend project and thought it might be cool to play around with water drops. I experimented a bit with on how to generate water drops in a blue washtub of water. In the end, I used one of those zip lock bags filled with water and a small hole in one of the corners. I hung this bag then about 1.5 meters above the tub and let it drip.

Camera on tripod with my Canon 100mm mounted. To capture the drop I needed to use 1/250 second shutter time. Due to the lack of an external flash, there was no way around using my integrated flash. Still, for a first setup I’m pretty happy with the results!

From my snapshot gallery:

20121201-img_1783-2-border 20121201-img_1773-2-border 20121201-img_1746-2-border 20121201-img_1746-2-border
20121201-img_1703-border 20121201-img_1673-border 20121201-img_1653-border 20121201-img_1651-border.jpg

7pod chilli vodka

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There, I’ve done it (again). On Friday I squeezed one of my 7pods in a bottle of Vodka. Today, a perfect day (gray outside) to do a still life picture. Next week, it will be time for a shot. Any volunteers?

From my snapshot gallery:

20121125-img_1577-2-border 20121125-img_1578-2-border 20121125-img_1587-2-border 20121125-img_1621-2-border
20121125-img_1626-2-border 20121125-img_1631-2-border 20121125-img_1632-2-border 20121125-img_1633-2-border

My aeroponic chillies

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Actually, I’m making this post to checkout the android app for wordpress. Most important functionality is the picture upload.

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