Growing Chili peppers under LED light (Getting Started)

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So, where to start? Reading, a lot about growing under LED learned me that plants need certain wavelengths of light to grow and to flower and fruit. Seems that they particularly like red and blue light. Blue for vegative growth and red for flowers and fruit. I first had a look if there are pre-made kits available. And there are. But they are rather expensive, and they give me less control over the ratio of blue and red LED’s that I want to use. So, just ordered 64 red and 64 blue 10mm bright LED’s. My plan was to make a panel of 8*8 LED’s and, with my order I could make a completely red, completely blue or something in between panel. I wanted to make the panel variable, so I could change ratio blue/red without taking the whole panel apart again.

So, I made a design to put the LED’s in little blocks of polystyrene foam which I could then exchange. Then you end up in having something like this:

Set 4 times blue LED

Then I made a compartment to put the plants in


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