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I removed the stick after a night and waited for the evening to give it a try. I didn’t compare the original with the new one because I was not too convinced of the changes yet. So I decided to place the stick back for another night.

The other night became a night + day. I just removed the stick and tasted again. I waited for another day before making a comparison taste. A little bit of the original and a little bit of the ‘improved’ GlenGrant. I’m just going to call it the stick whisky.

The smell
First of all, it’s not a huge difference. When you smell both, you get a slightly more fruity/sweet smell on the stick whisky. It’s interesting because the original didn’t really feel sharp in the nose when I tasted it the first time but even the smell gives a bit of sharpness in the nose which is less on the stick whisky.

The taste
Again not a huge difference but both me and my girlfriend found the stick whisky smoother. Again funny because when we tried the original we both said it was a very smooth and light whisky. But now we both get a sense of sharpness which is less on the stick whisky. The stick whisky definitely is more fruity but I couldn’t really locate a particular note.

I’ll give it another try in some days.

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