Week 24, photo assignment: Minimalism

Blogged by Twan as GOT weekly assignment,Photo — Twan Sun 18 Jun 2006 4:52 pm

Assignment for this week was minimalism. I got home on friday and decided to try to find a way to express this one. Difficult, minimalism is something like, achieving a goal with simplistic things. Or at least that is kinda the way I interpreted it. After brainstorming I came across the idea to make a picture of a cap of a whisky bottle filled with whisky.

When I was in Australia that was kind of the way of drinking the whisky ( the frenchies said, un petit bouchon ). I tried making an exciting picture of a cap filled with a fluid containing 40% alcohol but I have to say that it was rather difficult. I almost fell a sleep looking at the pictures I made. So I needed some action, and tried making a picture of me pouring the cap full of whisky which resulted in a practise session where the whisky went next to the cap. It formed a nice pool of whisky and I decided to put the cap in there and take a picture.


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