Week 40 2007 – Message

Blogged by Twan as GOT weekly assignment,Photo — Twan Mon 1 Oct 2007 5:59 pm

This week again a word in Dutch that can be interpreted in different ways. The original word is ‘boodschap’. In dutch you say you are doing a ‘boodschap’ when taking a shit. Or it’s a message or purchase. This time I linked ‘taking a shit’ with a ‘message’. Since I don’t think you’re waiting to see a pic of a filled toilet I came up with this one. The message ‘Denk niet bij het laatste vel, “wie na mij komt, die redt het wel”‘ means something like, ‘ don’t think, the one after me will manage, when noticing you just got the last sheet of toilet paper’ . You often will find this message in Dutch toilets written on a tile, but we just wrote it on a piece of paper. (toilet message)


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