23-03-2007 – Day 1 – Flight to Paris

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Around 9 o’clock in the morning I woke up, still not really realizing I would be leaving to Chile today. I got up, made some breakfast with a nice espresso and started to make some piles of clothes on my sofa. The piles represented the baggage listing and sometimes I added or subtracted certain items from that list. I tried to take everything I would need, and nothing more (or less). On my small saloon table I made a pile that was gonna be my hand luggage  Next step was to try to fit everything in my backpack and amazingly that worked out pretty good. I even had some space left to pack my small sleeping bag. I thought it maybe could be handy.

At 14.20 I started walking towards the train station of Eindhoven. Gather time was 14.30 and almost everybody was on time. At 15.17 ( we build in some buffer of course ) we jumped on the train that took us directly to Schiphol Airport.

Checking in went pretty smooth as we were allowed to go to an empty group counter from KLM. We got rid of our big luggage and went for some food behind passport control. After the food we had to wait till we could board the plane to Paris at 20.50. During the flight we got a delay of about 20 mins, and in Paris there was a guide that came to help us get to the plane to Santiago on time. This went pretty smooth, the security was pretty strict, but there were not really big problems. We departed around 0.00

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