July 18th, 2002 – Flight to Washington DC

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We got on the train at 7.30am in Echt. When we arrived in Roermond we saw that the train to Duivendrecht had a 5 minute delay. When we arrived in Duivendrecht we saw that the train driver made up with the delay because we were right on time for our final train to Schiphol Airport. The suitcases arrived about an hour earlier by car and when everybody found his or her suitcase again we went to the checkin desk.

After check-in we had to wait. Our plane would leave at 13.19pm and arrive in Washington DC, 8 hours later.

Ofcourse we had to stand in line to hand in some immigration forms we received in the airplane. It seemed very important to fill in exactly the same details from the pasport on the form. Since my name is Twan and my pasport states Antonius the officer said, hmm this is not good, please correct and come back. After our correction the officer let us in the US of A.

After checking in at the hotel we went for a little swim. This was nice to cool off a bit, after that we went for a small walk and had some food at a small cafe where we first were confronted with the American way of serving. ( Hey honey, are you alright? Need a refill? )

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