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It’s been a while since the last post, didn’t have that much time for week assignments from GOT and actually didn’t make that many pictures in general. I have been trying to do something like wintersport though. Went, full of courage, completely dressed in Aldi snowboard gear to Switzerland. Christine and I booked an appartment in Arosa and bought a pass for 5 days. For me, this was the first time to be in such an area and already the busy pushing crowd at the lifts impressed me that much that it took me some time to get used to that . But I picked up my rental board and boots and went up to start the most painfull and body wrecking hobby ever. After 10 minutes it was already clear that the 6 lessons (6 hours at an indoor track in The Netherlands) couldn’t help me from getting my body as sore as possible. After some nasty falls I kinda started realizing that when doing this for 5 days my body wouldn’t survive.

So after a nice drink with Christine (she flies over the snow with her board as an angel surfing on a cloud) and a serious pep talk, I decided to take it a bit easier and started doing the turns as I learned them to do at the safe, not crowded, without bumpy places and straight indoor piste. I started to get a bit more confident again and during the week it went actually pretty OK.

The views are incredible over there, when you’re standing at 2500 meter, with a nice blue sky, sun shining in your face you think, hmmm, wintersporting is actually not that bad. (without paying attention to every sore muscle in your body every morning and evening) Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures up there, I didn’t dare to take my camera up while boarding, too afraid of breaking it.

Conclusion for this week: Painfull, but a very nice experience. The weather was very good (not for the snow), I got a slight tan in my face and most important, I was with my Schäzzli for a week

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